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MAYNE-REID, Thomas (1818-1883)


MAYNE-REID, Thomas (1818-1883)Thomas MAYNE-REID [Capitain] was born on 4th April 1818 in Ballyroney, County Down, Ireland. He died on 22nd October 1883 in London at the age of 65.

In December 1839 Reid boarded the Dumfriesshire bound for New Orleans, Louisiana, arriving in January 1840. In the fall of 1842 Reid arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he began his literary career writing both prose and poetry for the Pittsburgh Morning Chronicle under the pen-name The Poor Scholar. In the spring of 1843, Reid moved to Philadelphia, where he remained for three years. During this time he worked as a journalist. When the Mexican-American War began in the spring of 1846, Reid was working as a correspondent for the New York Herald. On November 23, 1846, Reid joined the First New York Volunteer Infantry as a second lieutenant. On May 5, 1848 Reid resigned his commission and in July he returned to New York with his regiment. Learning of the Bavarian Revolution, he headed to England to volunteer. But, after the Atlantic crossing changed his mind, and instead headed home to northern Ireland. He shortly moved to London, and in 1850 published his first novel, The Rifle Rangers. In October 1866, he moved to Newport, Rhode Island. He went back to New York in 1867 and founded the Onward Magazine. He returned to England on October 22, 1870 and lived at Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. [source : Wikipedia].


Works of MAYNE-REID, Thomas (1818-1883)
The Rifle Rangers (1850)
The Scalp Hunters (1851)
The Desert Home (1852)
The Boy Hunters (1853)
The White Chief (1855)
he Quadroon (1856)
The Hunter's Feast (1856)
The Bush Boys (1856)
The War Trail (1857)
The Plant Hunters (1858)
Osceola the Seminole (1858)
The Lone Ranche (1860)
The Maroon(1862)
The Cliff Climbers (1864)
The Boy Slaves (1865)
The Headless Horseman (1865)
The Giraffe Hunters (1867)
The White Squaw (1868)
The Fatal Cord (1869)
The Castaways (1870)
The Vee-Boers (1870)
The Death Shot (1873)
The Young Yagers (1875)
Gwen Wynn (1877)
The Ocean Waifs (1882)
Gaspar, the Gaucho
The White Gauntlet
Afloat in The Forest
The Desert Home



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