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The Compleat Angler (Izaak WALTON, 1653)

The Compleat Angler (1653)

The Compleat Angler was first published in 1653, but Walton continued to add to it for a quarter of a century. It is a celebration of the art and spirit of fishing in prose and verse; 6 verses were quoted from John Dennys's 1613 work Secrets of Angling. It was dedicated to John Offley, his most honoured friend. There was a second edition in 1655, a third in 1661 (identical with that of 1664), a fourth in 1668 and a fifth in 1676. In this last edition the thirteen chapters of the original have grown to twenty-one, and a second part was added by his friend and brother angler Charles Cotton, who took up Venator where Walton had left him and completed his instruction in fly fishing and the making of flies. [Wikipedia]


1942, première traduction française, Stock
Le parfait pecheur à la ligne, 1942 Izaak Walton, vignetteLe parfait pêcheur à la ligne ou le divertissement du contemplatif. Traduction et préface de Charles Chassé. Stock, Collection Les Livres de Nature. 1942, première traduction française, In-12 (19 x 12 cm), broché, 234 pages. L'ouvrage contient deux reproductions en noir et blanc sur papier glacé de gravures représentant l'une le portrait de Izaak Walton, l'autre le frontispice de l'édition originale de 1653. Titre original : "The Compleat Angler or the Contemplative man's Recreation".

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